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Personal Injury Cases Are Rarely Open-And-Shut

Posted On behalf of Pfeifer Morgan & Stesiak on Aug 14, 2012 in Advice

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If you’ve been injured, it may seem very simple to you that the people responsible for the injury should also be responsible for your medical expenses, and other damages.

However, there is a reason why some attorneys specialize in personal injury, and devote their entire practice to that type of case, and that reason is that these cases are difficult. They are complex, and often emotionally-charged cases, and require specialized knowledge and experience to successfully navigate them.

Just one of the things that makes these cases so difficult is that often there aren’t very many witnesses, and those who were there could disagree, both on what really happened, and on whose fault it was. In a car accident, for example, each witness saw the crash from a different angle, and each of them may even remember incorrectly how the accident happened, because it happened so quickly.

This becomes even more complicated if some of the witnesses personally know either the defendant or the plaintiff, which can sway their judgment one way or another. It’s up to your lawyer to parse these testimonies to try to piece the truth together, and to do so in a way that is admissible in court.

This post isn’t written to discourage you from seeking the justice which you deserve, and often need. Quite the opposite, in fact. Although these cases are difficult, we have a proven track record of success in them, partially because we respect the process.

To us, the challenge of putting a winning case together is invigorating, because we love working hard to make sure that our clients get a fair treatment in the courts. That's why our firm specializes in personal injury.