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Punitive Damages In Indiana

Personal injury law in Indiana exists to make the victim financially whole again after an accident. The injured person has a legal right to recover economic and noneconomic expenses like medical bills, lost income from inability to work and loss of use… Read More

What Is Arbitration?

Read almost every contract that you sign these days and you will see the word “arbitration.” It is a legal way to solve problems between two feuding parties without involving the courts system if possible. The dispute isn’t barred from becoming a litigation… Read More

Is A Settlement From A Lawsuit Binding?

A large number of the personal injury lawsuits in Indiana end in settlement, which for the plaintiff is usually a good thing. Due to the large backlog of civil cases and the complexity of the legal system, a court case can take much longer than is typical… Read More

How Do You Quantify Pain And Suffering?

We are often asked how 'Pain and Suffering' are quantified in a personal injury law suit, so that proper restitution can be made. How does a personal injury lawyer know how much a client deserves in a civil suit for pain and suffering? Don't feel bad… Read More

The Motorcycle Rider Isn't Automatically At Fault

The two-wheeled, engine-powered vehicle gives off the appearance of danger. Motorcycle drivers have the reputation of being accident prone, risk-takers. That is why few people are surprised when the motorcycle rider is injured in an accident. Of course,… Read More

The Wrongful Death Process In Indiana

Losing a loved one is a truly tragic experience, but it can be far worse knowing that you didn't have to lose them at all. Wrongful death in Indiana is defined as as a wrongful act (including an act of omission or negligence) which resulted in death. It… Read More

Personal Injury And Trucking Accidents In Indiana

In 2009, the state of Indiana logged 3,600 truck crashes. The trucks involved were not the pickup variety, but the long-hauling trucks that pull freight trailers. Out of those crashes, there were 1,408 injuries and 98 deaths. In a state with approximately… Read More

Personal Injury And Industrial Accidents In Indiana

Industrial accidents come in the form of slip and falls, puncture wounds, cuts, blunt injuries (strikes), burns and more. Indiana is the home of many steel, vehicle and food manufacturing plants that are often extremely dangerous environments. According… Read More

What Is Personal Injury Insurance?

Personal injury lawyers have little to do with insurance purchases, but they do coordinate with adjusters, investigators and insurance attorneys. However, the personal injury insurance that you are offered when insuring your car, or buying health insurance… Read More

Personal Injury Law And Indiana Construction Accidents

Personal injury law concerning construction injuries can takes a variety of different forms, depending on the victim's role in the construction project. Innocent bystander's cases usually involve product liability and negligence claims, while construction… Read More