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The Players In A Slip And Fall Case

It is natural to be curious and uncertain when beginning the journey to a legal remedy for your slip and fall accident. The attorney you hire will do a great deal to prepare you for the process. After contract terms and other considerations are discussed,… Read More

Why Not To Be Your Own Attorney

Finding the right attorney, who will help you get the settlement you deserve, can be a daunting task. If you narrow your search to law firms that specialize in personal injury, and are located in your city, there are probably still several to choose… Read More

The Importance Of The Statute of Limitations

Consulting an attorney is often not the first action that people take after an accident. The common thought is that there will be plenty of time for lawyers and suits after the injuries have healed. Unfortunately, the state of Indiana’s statute of limitations… Read More

What To Do After A Product Injury

The word “recall” is a dreaded one to everyone. It is associated with faulty, dangerous products that lead to injury, sickness, and even death. Contrary to belief, the recalls reported in the nightly news are not the only ones announced by the U.S. Food… Read More

What Is Medical Malpractice?

According to, Medical Malpractice is defined as: "[T]he failure of a medical professional to follow the accepted standards of practice of his or her profession, resulting in harm to the patient." This means that a case constitutes medical… Read More

What Types of Injuries Should I Sue For?

Massive class action suits, plaintiffs with debilitating injuries, and defense attorneys finding the smoking gun are a few images that the average person brings to mind when thinking about personal injury law. In truth, most personal injury lawsuits are… Read More

What You Need To Know About Pain And Suffering

Weeks after your car accident, there is still pain. You may have fear of driving, or debilitating and even disfiguring injuries. Work may be out of the question for the foreseeable future. The other driver’s insurance already paid out for the damage to… Read More

What Is Wrongful Death In Indiana?

Death of a loved one brings many emotions. In cases of wrongful death, those emotions can be channeled into a civil suit against the party responsible for the death. However, not all deaths are considered wrongful. For families trying to get through the… Read More

Personal Injury and Potholes: Myths and Facts

Late winter and early spring on Northern Indiana’s highways offer more than a roadside view of thawing snow. Commuters often complain about the dangerous pits, pocks, holes and craters in the road during that time of year. In fact, these potholes are… Read More

The Gray Area Of Seasonal Liability

Winter weather brings snow, ice, sub-zero temperatures, and liability to Indiana residents and business owners. Snow alone brings with it many possibilities for slip and fall, collisions, property damage and injury. Add in a negligent business owner or… Read More