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Reasons Why the Insurance Company May Be Refusing to Settle Your Claim

When a person is injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, the liable insurance company usually tries to settle the claim as quickly as possible. That way they can avoid the possibility of going to court and may be able to settle for… Read More

Filing a Personal Injury Claim Against a Government Entity in Indiana

If you were injured by the negligent actions of a government entity, filing a claim for compensation may be more complicated due to sovereign immunity and stricter deadlines. However, it may be possible to hold a government entity liable for an injury,… Read More

Establishing Liability for a Drunk Driving Crash in Indiana

Establishing liability for a drunk driving accident may be more difficult than you might think. It is important to preserve as much evidence as possible, as insurers will look for any reason to deny or undervalue your claim. Our car crash attorneys in… Read More

Releasing Medical Records During an Injury Case

When filing a claim for compensation after an accident, your medical history is going to be a focus of the case because you are asking that another person or party pay for your medical bills among other damages. The insurance company is going to ask for… Read More

Insurance Add-Ons That May Help Your Accident Claim

Injury victims have the legal right to pursue compensation for damages they suffered due to someone else’s negligence. Unfortunately, the amount of compensation awarded may sometimes depend on the amount of coverage that applies to the accident. If you… Read More

How a Surgery Recommendation May Affect Your Injury Claim

If you were seriously injured in an accident and your doctor is recommending surgery for those injuries, you may be wondering how your claim might be affected. Our South Bend auto accident lawyers are prepared to review your claim to see how we may be… Read More

Pfeifer, Morgan & Stesiak Voted Best Law Firm in South Bend for the Fourth Year in a Row

Pfeifer, Morgan and Stesiak would like to thank the readers of the South Bend Tribune for once again voting the firm as the best in the area for the fourth year in a row. Every year the South Bend Tribune recognizes the best the community has to offer… Read More

Can I Still Recover Compensation if the At-Fault Driver Dies?

Fatal accidents are often devastating for all involved parties, which may make pursuing compensation from an at-fault driver who died a difficult decision. However, as a victim of the deceased person’s negligence, you have the right to pursue compensation… Read More

Understanding the Meaning of Maximum Medical Improvement

After suffering an injury in an accident, some victims may never fully recover. They eventually reach a point referred to as maximum medical improvement or MMI for short. While they have not fully recovered, they have recovered as much as they are likely… Read More

What Attorney-Client Privilege Really Means for Personal Injury Victims

There are many benefits to having an attorney represent your interests during a legal claim for compensation after an accident. Aside from potentially improving your odds of recovering more compensation, hiring an attorney benefits you because of attorney-client… Read More