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Consumer Protection Claims

Posted On behalf of Pfeifer Morgan & Stesiak on Aug 31, 2021 in Consumer Protection

Pfeifer Morgan & Stesiak is firmly committed to protecting consumers’ rights and taking legal action to hold banks, corporations, debt collectors and other entities liable for harming consumers.

If you have suffered financial or reputational harm because of illegal or deceptive business practices, our consumer protection lawyers may be able to help you. Schedule a free consultation to discuss potential legal options. You may be eligible for compensation to help repair the damage to your finances and to reimburse you for illegal fees or other charges you incurred.

One of the things we can discuss in your free consultation is whether you may be able to join a class action lawsuit, which can have many benefits for consumers.

Our attorneys have experience with the following types of consumer protection claims:

Benefits of a Class Action

If you are part of a group of consumers who were harmed in the same way by the same company, you may be able to join a class action lawsuit.

Class actions help large groups of consumers hold wrongdoers accountable, helping level the playing field against large corporations or institutions with significant financial resources. Victims do not need to all file separate lawsuits. They can all join the same claim and there is often a better chance of achieving a financial recovery.

Another advantage to filing a class action is victims do not need to be concerned with inconsistent verdicts in individual cases. Class actions also tend to be more efficient, as one class action can be resolved more quickly than individual lawsuits.