Amusement Park Accident?

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on October 4, 2011


. Updated on May 6, 2022


According to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, over 280 million people visited American amusement parks in 2009. In the 1.7 billion rides that the visitors enjoyed, 1,081 resulted in injuries. This number may seem pretty low, that is, until you or someone you know is injured in an amusement park incident.

Take a moment to think about What you should do if you find yourself or a loved one a victim of an amusement park injury.

1. Contact the park security or emergency services for immediate medical attention. Amusement parks have security and emergency response protocols in place to deal with an injury. These are protocols that have been practiced to ensure that you receive the medical attention quickly. Contact these officials, if they haven’t already been alerted. The most likely outcome will be a call to 911 and an ambulance ride.

2. Always file a report on the injury—large or small. The park will file a report on the incident and keep it on file. It is a good idea to also file and incident report with the police as well, especially if the accident is serious. These reports will be needed if your case ends up in court. They are the most reliable rendition of the events as they occurred and will list the witnesses to the accident as well.

3. Request a copy of the police report and park’s incident report. After your injuries are treated, request a copy of the incident reports from both the park and the police department. Try to do so before heading home from your vacation. The park may not immediately release the report to you, claiming some type of confidentiality. Don’t worry. Your attorney can get the information when it is needed. Also get copies of your x-rays and medical records from the hospital before leaving to head back home.

4. Seek legal advice from a Personal Injury Attorney No matter where the accident took place, you the victim can file a personal injury claim in the state of Indiana, under Indiana civil law statutes. Consult an Indiana personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to see if you have a case and to get the ball rolling. Your attorney’s investigation needs to happen quickly in order to determine if your case is one of negligence (lousy maintenance on the equipment), product liability (defective ride parts), or another personal injury claim. In the state of Indiana, these cases must be brought before the court within two (2) years of the accident.

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