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Expert Assistance in Making Your Personal Injury Case

Personal Injury Lawyers At Pfefier, Morgan & Stesiak

At PM&S, our goal is to get you, our client, the best possible verdict, and we utilize every available resource to do so. It's common for us to employ a wide variety of outside experts when building a case. These experts aid us in case evaluation and preparation, as expert witnesses at trial, and in assessing and structuring financial settlements.

These include:

Human Factor Experts - provide analysis of the source of error such as design flaws, the effects of alcohol, fatigue, experience, etc.

Jury Consultants - offer assistance in determining jury dynamics.

Structured Settlement Consultants - help in designing and negotiating settlement solutions and provide a financial evaluation of the settlement.

Medical Illustrators - allow the jury to better understand the case by designing and developing visual/exhibits to support medical testimony.

Economists - properly evaluate and value the loss to help in getting the best possible damages assessments.

Vocational Rehabilitation Experts - evaluate the injured persons capacity to work and help determine future earnings potential.

Functional Capacity Experts - determine the injured persons physical abilities and tolerances to establish return to work goals, job search parameters and/or the need for additional services.

National Network of Attorneys - can serve as co council or provide referrals for other legal specialists and experts.

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