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What Attorney-Client Privilege Really Means for Personal Injury Victims

There are many benefits to having an attorney represent your interests during a legal claim for compensation after an accident. Aside from potentially improving your odds of recovering more compensation, hiring an attorney benefits you because of attorney-client… Read More

How Long Could It Take to Reach a Settlement of an Injury Claim?

There is no set time limit for an injury claim. The duration of each case varies based on several factors, which may differ from case to case. Generally, resolving a case that does not go to trial may take anywhere between six months to a year. Our auto… Read More

Why Witness Credibility is Important in an Injury Case

Witness testimony is often used to build a strong case for compensation. However, if your witness is not credible, the chances of convincing a jury or insurance company of the truth of the witness’s statements may not be very high, and the insurance company… Read More

How to Prove Causation in a Personal Injury Case

There are four elements of negligence, the legal theory most personal injury cases are based on. All four elements of negligence must be proven to have a chance of recovering compensation for damages during an injury claim. One of those elements is causation,… Read More

What Are Interrogatories in a Personal Injury Case?

One of the first steps in the process of discovery after a lawsuit has been filed is the interrogatories. These are written questions that must be answered by the opposing parties involved in the case.  Generally, interrogatories should be answered under… Read More

Student Loan Lawyer

Student loan servicing companies are contracted by the U.S. Department of Education to administer loans to student borrowers across the country. These servicers are required to comply with all federal regulations while assisting borrowers with processing… Read More

Data Breach and Identity Theft Lawyers

Have you been impacted by identity theft or a breach of data privacy? Identity theft is on the rise, and once your sensitive data has been stolen, it can cause significant and long-term personal and financial losses. Many victims may feel hopeless or… Read More

South Bend Qui Tam Lawyers

A private citizen with knowledge or evidence of fraud committed against the government may be eligible to initiate a whistleblower claim. Exposing violations of the False Claims Act in this way helps the U.S. government and protects tax dollars. Whistleblowers… Read More

Billing Fraud Attorneys

While billing errors like receiving a bill for a returned item or being charged twice for one item are common and easily corrected, there are times when merchants charge for something without your knowledge or express permission and deny wrongdoing. This… Read More

Consumer Protection Claims

Pfeifer Morgan & Stesiak is firmly committed to protecting consumers’ rights and taking legal action to hold banks, corporations, debt collectors and other entities liable for harming consumers. If you have suffered financial or reputational harm because… Read More