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Be Sure You Know Who Is Involved

Posted On behalf of Pfeifer Morgan & Stesiak

on December 20, 2011



When you’ve been in an accident in Indiana that wasn’t your fault, whether it was a car accident, slip and fall, or caused by a defective product or service, it’s important to sift through the complexity (or deceptive simplicity, in some cases) of the ordeal, and determine who the key players are. This can be especially helpful when you’re consulting with a personal injury attorney, as it helps you to get the facts straight.

Usually, the other people you need to keep track of (and maybe even get in touch with) can be grouped into the following categories:

1. Other accident victims. Specifically, these would be other people who were harmed or whose property was damaged by the same person or thing which caused your injury, but who do not seem responsible for the accident. This can include people who were harmed by the same cause, but not at the same time, in the case of a defective product or improperly maintained road.

2. Witnesses. At the scene of the accident, make sure that you exchange phone numbers with others at the scene, whether they were harmed or not. Their viewpoint could be crucial in establishing your case. This category can also include experts in the particular cause of your accident, but your lawyer ordinarily will know how to get in touch with these people.

3. Causes (primary and ancillary). In order for a personal injury law suit to be successful, the plaintiff (that’s you) and their lawyers must establish that a third party was responsible for your accident. Chances are, if you’re beginning the search for a dependable personal injury lawyer, you’ve already got a pretty good idea of the cause of your accident.

However, don’t take your initial conclusions for granted. You could easily be missing something important. Think it through again. Discuss all the alternatives with your lawyer.

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