Did You Suffer an Injury in One of These Types of Truck Accidents?

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on August 29, 2017

. Updated on March 23, 2022


white 18 wheeler on highwayThere are many different types of truck accidents involving passenger cars, but the one thing they all have in common is that they have the potential to cause serious injuries to those in passenger vehicles.

Below, our truck accident lawyers describe seven of the most common truck accidents that happen on Indiana’s roadways, from rear-end collisions to rollover accidents and blind-spot crashes. If you were injured in any of the crashes below or another type of truck accident, contact us for a free legal consultation. You may be entitled to compensation.

1. Lost-Load Accidents

These occur when cargo falls off a commercial truck onto the road. Motorists could hit these objects with their cars or attempt to maneuver out of the way and collide with other vehicles.

These accidents are often caused by failure to properly secure the truck’s cargo. This is often the fault of the company responsible for loading the cargo.

2. Rollover Crashes

These happen when a truck tips over onto its side. These are sometimes caused by the reckless actions of the driver, including:

  • Traveling at excessive speed
  • Attempting to take a corner too fast
  • Carrying too much cargo
  • Attempting to correct for a trailer that has drifted off the road

These accidents are also more likely to occur on steep inclines or declines or when the truck jackknifes.

3. Jackknife Collisions

These are accidents where the truck’s trailer swings out to form a 90-degree angle with the cab. These accidents often happen when the brakes lock up, which can cause the trailer to skid around.

These accidents are so dangerous because once the brakes lock up, the driver has no control over the vehicle.

4. Blind-Spot Collisions

This is a type of crash where a truck veers into another lane and collides with a car that is in one of the truck’s blind spots.

The blind spots for a truck are in the rear and along the sides. That is why drivers should avoid traveling in these areas for very long.

You should also remember that the larger a truck is, the larger its blind spots are likely to be. If you are near a tractor trailer or other large truck, use extra caution and maneuver out of blind spots as quickly as it is safe to do so.

5. Underride Accidents

In this type of crash, the passenger vehicle hits the back of the truck and goes underneath the trailer. These truck accidents often cause severe injuries because the rear part of the truck is the same height as the driver’s body.

These often occur when the truck driver stops suddenly and the vehicle behind it does not have enough time to stop to avoid a collision.

Make sure to leave a safe distance between the front of your vehicle and the back of a large truck. If possible, try to switch lanes to get out from behind the truck.

6. Wide-Turn Crashes

Trucks need to swing out to the left to make right turns, since they are so large and have a wide turning radius. Unfortunately, this can result in cars on the right side of the truck being squeezed between the truck and the curb.

You can help reduce the risk of this accident by not getting too close to the right side of trucks when they are making right turns.

7. Rear-End Collisions

These are some of the most dangerous truck collisions, due to the huge size difference between trucks and traditional passenger vehicles. These often happen when the car in front of the truck stops quickly and the truck driver does not have enough time to come to a stop before hitting the car.

Trucks take much longer to stop than passenger vehicles because they are so large and weigh so much. That is why you should be cautious if you have a truck behind you. Try to avoid quick stops, as this could increase your risk of a rear-end collision.

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