Indiana Ranked 43rd in US for Problems Involving Drunk Driving

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on March 16, 2017

. Updated on March 23, 2022


traffic stop with breathalyzerIndiana residents and law enforcement have work to do to reduce drunk driving on our state’s roads, but a new study shows that The Hoosier State has less of a problem with driving under the influence (DUI) than a lot of other states.

Indiana was ranked 43rd in the nation in’s report on states with the worst DUI problems, placing our state among the 10 best states in terms of crimes and other problems related to drunk driving.

Researchers used drunk driving statistics from 2014 to rank all 50 states from worst to best for DUI problems. The report cited the following statistics about Indiana:

  • Deaths from drunk driving: 178
  • Death rate from DUI per 100,000 people: 2.68
  • Arrests for DUI: 14,428
  • Arrest rate for DUI’s per 100,000 people: 218
  • Percentage of drivers reporting they drank too much before driving: 1.6
  • Percent change in DUI crimes compared to 2013: 11.3 percent

These statistics show that Indiana residents know how to have fun while obeying the law, says Indiana State Police (ISP) Sergeant John Perrine.

However, ISP is increasing patrols and sobriety checkpoints this month to prevent drunk driving and catch offenders.

How Did Researchers Rank States? reviewed data from the Department of Transportation and Centers for Disease Control along with state and local data to accurately rank each state based on various drunk driving problems.

The report’s authors hope the study will open the eyes of the public, making them reconsider drinking and driving.

It is a travesty that 10,000 people die every year from drunk driving accidents, says co-author Trent Wilson.

Despite Indiana’s ranking in this report, drunk driving accidents still happen. These crashes often result in severe injuries and deaths, forever changing the lives of the victims and their families.

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