Johnson & Johnson to Pay $72 Million for Talcum Powder Cancer Case

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on February 26, 2016

. Updated on March 23, 2022


talcum powder cancer caseA Missouri jury has ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $72 million to the family of a woman who died from ovarian cancer, which was linked to her use of the company’s Baby Powder and Shower to Shower products.

The St. Louis jury awarded the family $10 million in compensatory damages and $62 million in punitive damages. Punitive damages are typically handed down to reform or deter the defendant from engaging in similar conduct.

The verdict was the first by a U.S. jury to award damages over these claims. In 2013, a federal jury found that a plaintiff’s use of Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder products contributed to her developing ovarian cancer; however, no damages were awarded.

In this case, the plaintiff used Baby Powder and Shower to Shower for 35 years before she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She died at the age of 62 last year.

If you were diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using talcum powder products for feminine hygiene, our talcum powder lawsuit attorneys may be able to file a claim to recover compensation.

Talcum Powder Linked to Ovarian Cancer

Johnson & Johnson is facing more than 1,200 cases in New Jersey and Missouri for its failure to warn consumers that its talc-based products could cause cancer. Specifically, women are claiming that use of these products for feminine hygiene led to the diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

For decades, studies have found a correlation between ovarian cancer and talcum powder for feminine hygiene. In 1971, one study revealed that particles of talc were found embedded deep within ovarian tumors.

An analysis of several talcum powder cancer case studies done in 2013 found that talcum powder for personal hygiene can result in a 20 to 30 percent increased risk of ovarian cancer.

A 2016 study of ovarian cancer patients found that regular use of talcum powder for feminine hygiene increased the risk of ovarian cancer by 33 percent.

Several other trials over talcum powder are set for later this year. The Missouri case could set the precedent for more women and their families to obtain justice.

At Pfeifer, Morgan & Stesiak, our dedicated personal injury lawyers in South Bend believe that companies like Johnson & Johnson need to be held accountable for failing to warn consumers about a product’s risks. If you or someone you know has fallen ill or been injured by a dangerous product, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit for damages.

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