U.S. Department of Transportation Launches Public Awareness Campaign after Record Spike in 2015 Recalls

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on January 25, 2016

. Updated on April 18, 2022


nhtsa public awareness campaignIn response to a spike in auto recalls, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched a new initiative called Safe Cars Save Lives to boost consumer awareness regarding their vehicles.

According to the NHTSA, a record 51 million vehicles were recalled in 2015, making it the second highest increase since 2013.

Of the cars recalled in 2015, a large number of them were due to defective Takata airbags installed in 19 million vehicles. Vehicles manufactured with faulty parts can trigger recalls that may require immediate attention to avoid potentially severe consequences.

Overall, in 2015, approximately 51,259,648 cars were recalled while 50,989,948 vehicles were recalled the previous year. In 2013, only 20,252,849 vehicles were under recall. The spike in the 2014 and 2015 numbers has not gone unnoticed.

In a keynote address at the Washington Auto Show on Jan. 21, NHTSA administrator Mark Rosekind announced the launch of the Safe Cars Save Lives campaign.

This campaign encourages consumers to look for open recalls a minimum of twice a year while making repairs quickly. Because unrepaired vehicles on recall pose serious safety risks, the NHTSA believes that informed consumers are strong allies in its safe car mission.

Through online banner ads and a free vehicle identification number (VIN) look up tool, the NHTSA asks consumers to check for recalls when clocks are set back in November and set forward in March.

VINs are unique numbers that are used to keep track of information specific to each vehicle. The NHTSA database allows consumers to enter their VIN, which will pull up necessary, open recalls.

Repairs can be made quickly if consumers are aware their vehicles need to be brought in to have defective parts replaced.

In addition to the VIN Lookup tool, the NHTSA is trying to keep consumers safe by providing them with helpful information via their 5-Star Safety Ratings System and additional apps for Android and Apple devices.

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