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Tips For Handling The Insurance Company If You Get In An Auto Accident This Winter

Posted On behalf of Pfeifer Morgan & Stesiak on Nov 10, 2013 in Advice

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November can be a tricky month in the Michiana region, we never know what the weather is going to be like. Being on the lookout for icy roads is one way to be prepared, however, knowing how to handle the insurance company after an accident is just as important as keeping an eye out for the ice.

Negotiating With The Adjuster

If you’ve been in a South Bend car accident, you will have to encounter an insurance adjuster. This is the person you, or your attorney, will negotiate with to get a settlement for your claims. They will offer you a low amount, often lower than you requested in your demand letter. You don’t have to accept their first offer. In fact, this is where the negotiation starts. You, or your attorney, will counter the adjuster’s offer and continue negotiating until you reach a number that you both can agree on.

Have A Number In Mind

While you are negotiating with the insurance adjuster, make sure you have a minimum number you are willing to settle for. This will keep you on track while you are negotiating. This number can change if necessary, but it is a good tool to use when negotiating.

Do Not Accept The First Offer

This is important. You are not required to accept the insurance company’s first offer. You should always negotiate for a better settlement, or hire an attorney to assess your case and negotiate for you. You can also get the adjuster to give you their justification for a low offer. You can use their specific points to explain why you are asking for a higher settlement.

Get The Settlement In Writing

When you finally reach an agreement with the insurance adjuster, make sure to get the agreement in writing. This can be as simple as writing a letter with the amount settled on, the damages covered the settlement, and when you will receive the settlement from the insurance company. As always, hiring an experienced attorney is a great way to make sure you receive the settlement you deserve after an accident.

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