Jury Trials Aren’t Like Television

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on June 5, 2012


. Updated on May 6, 2022


If you’re thinking about a jury trial, you can get swept into the clichés you see on TV, with impassioned witnesses and easy-to-discern good guys and bad guys, and you can think that just getting your story in front of a jury is enough to get justice, with complete with the tear-jerking speech and the swelling orchestral soundtrack.

The problem with that is that what makes good television isn’t reality.

Real jury trials are extremely complicated, even for what may seem like a simple personal injury case. In fact, only the most complex cases end up going to trial at all. (If it’s easy to establish liability, the defendant is much more likely to settle out of court before a trial ever takes place.)

An experienced personal injury attorney combines a variety of skills into a very specific application.

First, he or she is an expert in assembling evidence. Whether that evidence is photographs from the scene of an accident, documentation of medical expenses, or expert witness testimony, your lawyer will know how to assemble the evidence available into a compelling case.

Second, your lawyer has to present that evidence. It isn’t as simple as presenting the events and factors as they occurred. He has to present the evidence in the best way for his specific audience, whether that audience is a judge or a jury, and even change the presentation style and methods based on his knowledge of the individual judges and jury members.

Personal injury is rarely the subject of television shows, not because it isn’t exciting (we think it is, anyway), but because it’s too complex to accurately portray in an hour-long format (ok, that’s probably not the only reason). The bottom line is that if you have been injured and need to go to court to get the justice you deserve, just any attorney won’t cut it. You need someone who does this day in, day out, and always gets results for their clients. You need Indiana’s Accident Lawyers.

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