Trick Or Treating Safely This Halloween

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on October 15, 2014


. Updated on March 23, 2022


Halloween kids

Halloween is just around the corner. Spooky music, scary decorations, Jack-O-Lanterns, kids running around in costumes to collect candy.

However, Halloween can be a dangerous holiday. With all of the kids out running around in costumes, the dangers for both the children and drivers are increased. The costumes can not only make it more difficult for kids to see where they are going, but they can also make it more difficult for drivers to see them crossing the street.

Here are some tips to help you and your kids have a safe and fun Halloween.

  • Police recommend that children trick-or-treat in daylight conditions. If they go out in the dark, they should wear a light-colored costume and carry a flashlight.
  • Exercise extreme caution when driving a vehicle. Be on the alert for excited children, whose vision may be obscured by masks, darting out into traffic.
  • Cross only at street corners, never between parked cars, and never diagonally across an intersection.
  • Many accidents occur when motorists are backing vehicles out of driveways, unaware of the presence of small children.

If you or your children find yourselves victim of an accident on Halloween, an experienced personal injury attorney can help.

Calling an attorney can help you determine what recourse you have and help you get the compensation you deserve.

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