What Happens If Someone Else Gets Hurt On My Bike?

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on April 10, 2012


. Updated on May 6, 2022


In Indiana, motorcycle accidents can occur for any number of reasons, and in a variety of circumstances. If you’ve been hurt on someone else’s motorcycle—or they’ve been hurt on yours—it could lead to a sticky situation, because chances are if someone was riding your motorcycle, you know them pretty well.

Below are some things you should know about motorcycle accidents like this. If someone suffers an injury in a motorcycle crash, contact our reputable motorcycle accident lawyers in South Bend:

1. The law doesn’t really care who owns the bike. A personal injury lawsuit will generally focus on who is responsible for the accident. If you own the motorcycle, you could have a problem if it can be shown that you let someone ride it with a known safety issue in place. If it’s the other driver’s fault that someone was hurt on your bike, then their insurance should cover the damage to your bike, and whoever was riding your bike will have to pursue damages against the other driver for medical expenses.

2. Know what your insurance policy says before you let someone else ride your motorcycle. There are a lot of different policies for motorcycle riders in Indiana, and if you plan on letting others ride your bike, you should make sure that your insurance covers that contingency. (Some policies only cover damage or injuries while the owner is riding the motorcycle.)

3. Always make sure that whoever is riding your bike is qualified to do so. Motorcycles may be a hobby, but they certainly aren’t toys. If someone gets hurt while riding without a motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license, an accident is much more likely to be deemed their fault, which could mean that you and your insurance will be on the hook for damages and medical expenses, which could be a huge financial strain for you and your family.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a motorcycle accident, call Indiana’s experienced personal injury attorneys in South Bend. We can help. We will help.

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