What’s Different About A Motorcycle Accident?

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on January 17, 2012

. Updated on December 26, 2023


Motorcycles are in many way vehicles like any other, and in the state of Indiana their use and operation, with a few exceptions, is regulated by exactly the same laws that govern ordinary cars and trucks.

When it comes to a personal injury case involving motorcycles, however, while the laws themselves may be the same, the way the case plays out can be very different.

Our South Bend motorcycle accident attorneys believe this can happen for two reasons.

1. Motorcycles are more dangerous than cars. A bike is more difficult to control than most other vehicles, and requires an extra attentiveness on the part of the driver. Also, the risks of serious injury in a crash are significantly higher on a motorcycle, because they’re much smaller than other vehicles and can’t be equipped with life-saving devices such as air bags and seat belts. These risks are well known to anyone who rides a motorcycle.

For our purposes, the important difference is that a much higher number of accident cases we deal with for motorcycles involve incredibly serious injuries, meaning that the stakes are higher than in other cases. Someone who has been injured in a motorcycle accident needs to win. Unfortunately, this brings us to our second point:

2. Motorcycle riders are not often given the benefit of the doubt. While the laws in Indiana are very clear, and apply equally to everyone, laws are enforced by people, and people are subject to biases, often without knowing it. Because riding a motorcycle is riskier than driving a car or truck, riders can be perceived by others as being more responsible for their injuries than they really are.

Often, other drivers, police, judges and juries will start out by making erroneous judgments about motorcycle riders, and combating those prejudices is an uphill battle.

Fortunately, our personal injury lawyers located in South Bend have years of experience in motorcycle accident cases, and know how to fight for the justice our clients need and deserve. Serving Indianapolis, Gary, South Bend, Fort Wayne and surround State of Indiana. We are Indiana Lawyers.

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