When Personal Fitness Becomes Personal Injury

Posted on behalf of Pfeifer Morgan & Stesiak

on May 31, 2011

. Updated on April 28, 2022


Warmer weather in Indiana brings out the bicyclers, walkers, runners and others who seek to achieve physical fitness. Unfortunately, with all of this much-needed activity comes some risk.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that 65,000 pedestrians were injured in 2009. Almost eight percent of those injuries were fatal. Fortunately, there are legal remedies for injuries that you receive while working on your personal fitness.

If you or someone you love is injured because of another’s negligence, you may be entitled compensation. At Pfeifer, Morgan & Stesiak, our personal injury attorneys in South Bend will work to represent your claim so that it accurately reflects the damages and loss you suffered from the at-fault party.

We are knowledgeable of Indiana’s negligence laws and will help you build a strong personal injury claim so that you may be able to help you recover the compensation your deserve.

Product Liability

There are millions of products on the market claiming to help you lose weight and get fit. Many of these products are remakes of old standards, but some are new inventions intended to provide a fresh option for fitness seekers. When these products fail, the companies do have return policies that allow you to get your money back. However, when the product failure leads to injury, you should consult our product liability attorneys in South Bend. Product liability covers faulty manufacturing, design, and packaging that leads to injury. An example is the personal injury suits over treadmill injuries caused by the motorized belt. Product liability suits recover medical expenses, lost wages, and even punitive damages against companies that are found negligent.

Pedestrian and Bike Accidents

When cars collide with people on bikes and on foot, the injuries can be extensive, and unfortunately, many are fatal. Although many Indiana communities have walking and biking trails available for use, people still find themselves sharing road space with automobiles. Accidents involving pedestrians and cyclers must have the expert oversight of an experienced personal injury attorney. These cases often involve several areas of personal injury law, depending on the individual incident. They include drunk driving, negligence, wrongful death, and even permanent disability. These are all complex topics that only a personal injury attorney can tackle in and out of the courtroom.


Some problems can occur inside fitness centers as well. Failure to maintain the equipment or to remove recalled products can lead to injuries. Negligence can become an issue, as the fitness center has the responsibility to ensure that the equipment is safe for your use. If you are injured on equipment that isn’t properly maintained or has been recalled, consult a personal injury attorney about filing a claim based on negligence. You can sue for medical expenses, lost wages, some types of mental distress, permanent disability and more. Even while working to improve your health, you can fall victim to forces outside of your control. Take the proper steps of reporting the incident, documenting everything and consulting a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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