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Articles Focusing On Indiana Law

Indiana Comparative Fault: What You Need to Know

In a personal injury claim, comparative fault means that a claimant can be held partially liable for his or her injuries. This means that the claimant's negligence, or lack of reasonable care, contributed in some way to his or her injuries.  For instance,… Read More

Bringing A Lawsuit On Someone Else's Behalf

Usually, personal injury attorneys will work directly with the plaintiff in a personal injury or medical malpractice suit, though there are often cases where a lot of help from family members or friends is needed, because of the extent of the injuries. However,… Read More

How Liability Is Determined In A Civil Lawsuit

In Indiana, and in fact in any state, the onus is on the plaintiff and their attorneys to establish the liability of a second party in their injury, wrongful death, or malpractice case. In a jury trial, the plaintiff must convince the jury, using evidence… Read More

The Wrongful Death Process In Indiana

Losing a loved one is a truly tragic experience, but it can be far worse knowing that you didn't have to lose them at all. Wrongful death in Indiana is defined as a wrongful act (including an act of omission or negligence) which resulted in death. It… Read More

Who's Liable For An Allergic Reaction To Food?

Food allergy sufferers understand just how difficult it is to eat away from home. You must trust the food preparer to keep the allergens away from your meal. Sometimes, eating out is like playing Russian Roulette with your allergy. Will this meal land… Read More