Avoiding Accidents on Busy Roads in Indiana

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on January 8, 2019

. Updated on March 23, 2022


standstill traffic on highwayThere seem to be a lot of accidents on Interstates 180 and I90 in Indiana. For example, in July 2018, a semi-truck traveling southbound on U.S. 421 left the roadway and went down the embankment on I-80/90 into westbound traffic and collided into a pickup truck with an attached trailer. The collision caused the westbound lanes of the Indiana Toll Road to be closed. Responding law enforcement said the parties involved suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Additionally, a September 2018 crash on the Indiana Toll Road occurred when a wrong-way driver heading westbound in an eastbound lane on I-80/90 crashed head-on into another vehicle. The collision resulted in the deaths of four people, including the driver of the wrong-way vehicle, and seriously injured three others. Law enforcement believe the at-fault driver was driving without headlights on and that alcohol may have been a contributing factor.

In December 2018, a three-vehicle collision on I-80 left one man in critical condition after the driver of a pickup truck crashed into another vehicle, causing it to rear-end a semi-truck stopped in traffic. The driver of the pickup truck suffered non-life threatening injuries and may have been intoxicated at the time of the collision, according to Indiana State Police.

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Be Careful When Merging

One of the most dangerous times when traveling on a busy road is when motorists attempt to merge their vehicle into another lane. Although there are many risks to merging into another lane, following these tips may help you safely change lanes on a busy road:

  • Adjust your speed to match the flow of traffic
  • Yield to other drivers trying to merge into your lane
  • Merge into a three- to four-second gap in traffic
  • Check for vehicles near yours before entering a lane
  • Check in your vehicle’s blind spots before merging
  • Use your turn signal 100 to 300 feet before merging or changing lanes
  • Do not merge until the solid line on the lane you are exiting ends
  • Do not cross multiple lanes of traffic at a time

Other General Tips for Safe Driving

There are other ways that you can stay safe on busy roads, including the following:

  • Prepare your trip ahead of time – Try to plan your trip before you leave to avoid hazards along the roadway. This includes avoiding driving on busy roads, interstates or highways during times when there is an increased amount of traffic. Also, check the weather forecast before you leave to avoid inclement weather. You may also consider checking your GPS for live traffic updates before heading out. If possible, leave a few minutes early to give yourself extra time to reach your destination so that you are not tempted to speed.
  • Drive defensively – Watch the driving patterns of other drivers. Try to keep enough space between your vehicle and others so that you can quickly respond to a hazard or sudden changes in traffic. Keep your eyes ahead of you for several seconds.
  • Drive at a safe speed – Remember that speed limits are designed for optimal driving conditions. They may not be safe in heavy traffic or during inclement weather. Try to drive at an appropriate speed that will not endanger yourself or others on the roadway. However, try to follow the general flow of traffic. Driving too slowly can make other motorists impatient and behave aggressively.
  • Be safe when changing lanes – Signal before turning or merging into another lane. Also, try to avoid weaving in and out of lanes. Stay in the right lane unless you are in the process of passing another vehicle or need to get in another lane to reach your destination.
  • Avoid distractions – Driving in heavy traffic requires your full attention. Eliminate all unnecessary distractions. Turn down the volume of your radio or turn it off. Ask any passengers traveling in your vehicle to not do anything to distract you while driving. Do not use your cellphone to call or text someone. Keep your eyes and attention on the road at all times, and keep both of your hands on the steering wheel.
  • Remain calm – Driving can be agitating for many people. There are often reckless or negligent drivers on the roadway who may do something to frustrate you. Try not to get agitated while driving. This can lead to you making mistakes or driving aggressively. If you become agitated while driving, pull over to a safe location and try to calm yourself down.

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