Importance of Witness Statements in a Car Accident Claim

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on March 8, 2021

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witness signatureCar accident claims boil down to the case presented by the victim and the case presented by the insurance company and the insurance company’s policyholder. One factor that could tip things in favor of the crash victim is testimony from a witness, such as an eyewitness or an expert witness with relevant expertise.

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Who Can Provide a Witness Statement?

There are two types of witnesses that may be able to help your lawyer build a case: eyewitnesses who saw the crash and can help detail what happened and expert witnesses who have extensive knowledge they can apply to a case to help strengthen your attorney’s argument.

Eyewitness Testimony

Eyewitnesses can provide an objective, third-party account of what happened, assuming they were not in either of the vehicles that crashed and have no relation to the victim or at-fault party. People who were in the vehicles involved may be biased toward the victim or at-fault party. That is not to say their testimony is unhelpful. However, objective testimony can be much more valuable.

Objective eyewitnesses who may be able to help build a case include:

  • Other drivers not involved in the crash
  • Pedestrians not involved in the crash
  • Business owners, employees and customers in or around businesses in the area of the crash

Expert Witness Testimony

Some cases are quite complicated, and it may be necessary to bring in an expert witness to help strengthen a claim. Expert witnesses are often medical professionals who help diagnose and treat injuries and can explain how an injury was caused by an accident.

Other types of expert witnesses are people with expertise in physics, engineering and other sciences. They may be able to help you reconstruct the accident scene to show how it happened and why negligence may have been involved.

How Can a Witness Statement Impact a Case?

Both eyewitnesses and expert witness statements can impact an injury claim because they can be key pieces of evidence to help prove another party may be liable for the victim’s damages.

For example, an eyewitness may reveal the at-fault driver was texting and driving moments before the crash. This could help contradict an at-fault driver’s claims about mechanical failures, a medical emergency or other excuses. Similar statements from multiple witnesses could make your case significantly stronger.

If you are able, look for witnesses after the accident and ask for their contact information. That way you can contact them later to get more information about what they saw.

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