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Consumer Protection Blog Topics

Data Breach and Identity Theft Lawyers

Have you been impacted by identity theft or a breach of data privacy? Identity theft is on the rise, and once your sensitive data has been stolen, it can cause significant and long-term personal and financial losses. Many victims may feel hopeless or… Read More

South Bend Qui Tam Lawyers

A private citizen with knowledge or evidence of fraud committed against the government may be eligible to initiate a whistleblower claim. Exposing violations of the False Claims Act in this way helps the U.S. government and protects tax dollars. Whistleblowers… Read More

Healthcare Fraud Attorneys

Are you aware of healthcare fraud and want to put a stop to it? The False Claims Act gives people like you the protection you need to stop employers and other entities from defrauding the government. However, False Claims Act cases are complex, and you… Read More