How Courtroom Dramas Get It All Wrong

Posted on behalf of Pfeifer Morgan & Stesiak

on March 6, 2012

. Updated on May 6, 2022


You may have an idea of how a legal proceeding should go when you pursue a personal injury lawsuit in Indiana, but chances are, you’ve probably got a few of the details wrong.

The culprit, as is the case for many common misconceptions, is most often television.

When TV shows depict court proceedings, the dialogue is snappy and well-written, often there will be tearful confessions of guilt, and most importantly (and incorrectly), it’s all over by the end of an hour-long television episode. In real life, while a court case can be exciting (at least we think it is), it wouldn’t make a good television show.

There isn’t an evil villain and a tearful victim, there’s only you the plaintiff, and a defendant who is trying to pay you the lowest amount possible for your injuries. Often, this isn’t because he or she is evil, they just feel that they aren’t responsible for your accident.

They’re biased.

Your lawyers will present a case for their liability, and their lawyers will present counter-arguments. The main difference between court cases in real life and on television, however, is time. If it goes all the way to a jury trial and award, it could take years.

Often, the case will be resolved out of court, without the opposing sides ever setting foot in a courtroom.

At Pfeifer Morgan and Stesiak, our accident lawyers are not in the business of telling dramatic stories. We simply work hard to make sure that you’re not saddled with the financial burden of your injuries, when they’ve been caused by someone else’s mistakes. It can be a long, arduous process, and it most definitely involves a great deal of effort and patience, but we always see it through.

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