Can I File a New Injury Claim Amid Coronavirus Restrictions?

Posted on behalf of Pfeifer Morgan & Stesiak

on April 15, 2020

. Updated on March 23, 2022


online claim reviewLife as we know it has been interrupted in an unprecedented way by the COVID-19 outbreak and resulting shutdown. However, injuries continue to happen, and people will still require access to both emergency medical care and legal help.

At Pfeifer, Morgan and Stesiak, we remain open to ensure you have access to an experienced South Bend personal injury lawyer if you are harmed due to another’s negligence during the shelter-in-place restrictions. If you read on, you can learn more about how we have made it both possible and stress-free for you to file a new claim during the pandemic.

How Can I File An Injury Claim During The Shutdown?

If you believe that your injury was caused by negligence, it is important that you seek legal help as soon after your accident as possible to protect your potential claim. We do not recommend waiting until the mandatory shutdown is over as we do not know how long it will take for things to get back to a more normal status.

The first step is to call a reputable firm, like Pfeifer, Morgan & Stesiak, to get started. A member of our knowledgeable support team is available to take your call 24/7 to arrange your initial consultation at your earliest convenience and at zero cost to you. This free claim review provides access to our same team of legal professionals, but in an online meeting session, so you do not have to risk your health by coming to our office in person.

If, after reviewing the specifics of your accident, we find that you have grounds for a lawsuit, we also have a secure online approach for processing your new personal injury case. What this means for you is that you do not have to wait until the shutdown is over to take legal action. Personal injury claims can take months to reach settlement, sometimes even longer. Why wait to begin your claim, when you can start today?

Is There Still A Statute Of Limitations?

Yes, your accident claim will still have a ticking clock that means you have to file by a certain deadline. However, depending on when your accident occurred, your statute of limitations, or filing deadline, may be extended due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This is something we can discuss with you after reviewing the unique details of your situation, including any other contributing factors that may apply.

Where Can I Safely Get Medical Care?

Following a serious car crash, slip and fall or other accident that may have caused visible and/or internal injuries, you should still seek immediate medical help at your local emergency room. Medical facilities are equipped to continue handling patients who become injured during the shutdown. We do, however, recommend that you still wear your own protective clothing, including a face mask and gloves, and continue to abide by social distancing guidelines if you have to sit in the waiting area.

Additionally, for less serious injuries you may be able to seek medical care through a virtual appointment. Contact your healthcare provider to see what options they are offering during the shelter-in-place restrictions.

Contact A Member Of Our Legal Team Today

If someone else’s negligence caused your injury, we encourage you to act today. Gather evidence at the scene, including photos of vehicle damage and where the accident occurred. If someone happened to see what happened, you can collect their contact information while social distancing.

After seeking medical care, contact our firm for answers to your legal questions. At Pfeifer, Morgan & Stesiak, we are here to help, even during these difficult times. We take new injury cases on contingency, which means no upfront out-of-pocket costs to you. No risk, free consultation and no payment of our fees unless we achieve a settlement or verdict on your behalf.

Call our firm at: (574) 444-0741 to start your claim today. We are prepared to help.

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