Indiana’s BMV Safety Program for Driver’s License Point Credits

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on June 27, 2018

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defensive driver safety programThe driver safety program in Indiana is an active and connected experience available in-person and online. Approved by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), the course provides the ability to dismiss tickets, reinstate the participant’s driver’s license, or receive discounts on car insurance each month. It also offers several benefits which improve driving skills, helping residents return to the roads with safety in mind.

If you have been in a car accident and require assistance with understanding how to reinstate your license or need to dismiss a ticket, contact our highly skilled car accident lawyers at Pfeifer, Morgan & Stesiak for support. We can answer your questions about the safety program and explain how to implement the program’s directives so that you can get back on the road.

Earning Credits to Your Driver’s License

The program is designed to be flexible for Indiana drivers and offers the following:

  • Flexible course schedules
  • Online courses through any internet-connected computer or mobile device
  • Live customer support
  • Money-back guarantee

Drivers who want to take advantage of the safety program may need to pay a fee, but earning credits is important for drivers who have accumulated points against their driver’s license. Some courts require the completion of a course as part of their sentence. Individuals may be required to complete the course if they have acquired two or more convictions in a 12-month period in Indiana. Without the program, the driver will face a license suspension.

Other important benefits of the program include:

  • 4-point credits toward Safe Driver status
  • Removal of some violations from the driving record
  • Prevention of license suspension
  • Opportunity to take the program every three years
  • Proof that you are dedicated to safe driving

When drivers make mistakes and add points against their license, it is possible to earn point credits through the program. Most courses cost no more than $55, and the completion results are normally available within seven to 10 business days.

The driver safety program has classroom, DVD and online formats for greater convenience and easier access. By taking advantage of the course, the driver may earn credits and prevent suspension of his or her license when facing a DUI or a more serious traffic violation.

Benefits of Learning Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is a way of driving in which motorists are more aware of their surroundings and react more proactively to avoid collisions. Defensive driving can help motorists become better drivers and can ultimately result in lower insurance premiums from longer stretches without tickets. Learning techniques to drive defensively often increases the chances of avoiding collisions and tickets.

Individuals with a better driving record can more easily rent a car if it is necessary. When applying for jobs, the driving record will come back clean when the driver incurs fewer tickets and traffic violations. By driving defensively, the individual may avoid many of the most common traffic offenses in Indiana such as the following:

  • Committing multiple traffic violations in a 10-year period
  • Driving recklessly
  • Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of a substance
  • Driving without a license or without insurance

Learning to drive defensively helps to keep violations off a person’s driving record. When an individual incurs traffic violations or multiple infractions in a short period, the BMV often suspends the person’s driver’s license. The more offenses stack up, the longer the suspension. The driver may eventually have his or her license revoked.

Some of the best benefits of learning defensive driving in Indiana include:

  • Collision avoidance
  • Lower insurance premiums with eligible providers
  • Less property damage and fewer physical injuries

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