Motorcycle Safety Tips to Help You Prevent an Accident

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on May 24, 2018

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safe motorcycle riding in summerThere are many more people on the road during the summertime, with families taking road trips and young drivers heading to summer jobs or to spend time with friends. Unfortunately, more people on the road increases the risk of an accident for motorcycle riders.

This is why it is essential for motorcyclists to know how to stay safe when they hit the road. The practical tips below can help reduce your risk of a crash that could cause severe injuries.

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Safety Strategies for Motorcycle Riders

There is no way to completely eliminate the risk of a motorcycle accident, but it is possible to follow some tips and commonsense advice to reduce the risk of a crash and help prevent serious injury if a crash occurs. These tips include:

Wear a Helmet

Wearing a helmet that complies with Department of Transportation (DOT) standards can help lessen your risk of suffering a serious head injury in a crash. Even though Indiana requires only those who are under 18 to wear helmets, all riders should strongly consider wearing a helmet every time they ride.

The law also requires riders under the age of 18 to wear protective glasses, goggles or a transparent shield for their face. However, this is something all riders should consider, because there is an increased risk for serious head injuries in a motorcycle crash.

Wear Bright-Colored Clothing

Wearing brightly colored clothes makes you more visible to other drivers, which could help prevent a collision. Many drivers who hit motorcyclists often say they did not see them because they are used to only checking for cars.

If possible, wear clothing with reflective or fluorescent features when riding a motorcycle. You should also consider wearing a light-colored helmet, as opposed to one that is black or a dark color.

There are also brightly colored jackets and pants you can buy specifically for motorcycle riding. This clothing also offers extra protection if you are in a crash.

Follow the Rules of the Road

Review the rules of the road and be sure you understand them before hitting the road. When you are riding, obey all traffic signals and signs, including speed limits.

You should also drive defensively, even if there is not a lot of traffic. Always use your turn signals before changing lanes and do not speed, because speeding gives you less time to slow down and maneuver to avoid hazards.

Do Not Ride While Under the Influence

Drug or alcohol use is a common cause of motorcycle crashes, as drugs and alcohol can impair your judgment, your vision and even your reaction time.

If you have been drinking or using drugs, do not get on your motorcycle. Find an alternative form of transportation if you need to get somewhere. You can call a friend to give you a ride or call a taxi or ride-sharing service.

Consider Professional Motorcycle Training

Did you know 90 percent of motorcycle crashes involve riders who taught themselves how to ride and did not learn through formal instruction? This is why you should strongly consider taking a formal rider education course to learn how to operate your bicycle safely.

The American Bikers Aimed Toward Education (ABATE) is a not-for-profit organization in Indiana that offers one of the highest-rated rider education programs in the nation. The goal of this organization is to promote motorcycle safety and education. ABATE represents about 13 percent of all motorcycles that are registered in Indiana.

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