Older Driver Safety Awareness Week: Dec. 7-11

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on December 8, 2015

. Updated on March 23, 2022


elderly man with familyTo promote safe driving among older drivers, the American Occupational Therapy Association is sponsoring Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, which runs Dec. 7-11.

The goal of Older Driver Safety Awareness Week is to promote understanding of the transportation issues which drivers face as they age.

Involvement in community activities, employment, and other events can benefit people mentally and physically as they age. When mobility and transportation is affected by aging, transportation can become a roadblock to these activities. However, with the right planning, a social support network, and community resources, it does not have to be.

Watch for Signs of Aging which Impact Driving

Aging progresses differently from person to person, so judging someone’s ability to drive on age alone isn’t useful. By knowing the potential issues you may face as you age, you can seek treatment right away to avoid driving problems. Flexibility, coordination, eyesight and strength can all be diminished as you age, making it difficult to safely control a car and assess changing driving conditions.

Tips for Older Drivers

  • Have your vision and hearing screened annually.
  • Before starting new medications, ask your doctor if they could cause side effects or interact with your other medications in ways which could impair you or otherwise make driving dangerous.
  • Choose a vehicle which meets your needs. Features such as power brakes, power steering, and an automatic transmission can make driving easier as strength and flexibility subside with age.
  • Practice defensive driving. Eliminate the use of distractions such as cell phones and GPS systems while operating a vehicle. Keep plenty of space between you and other vehicles to give yourself sufficient time to react to other vehicles’ movements.

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