Increased Risks For Impaired Driving As Indiana Begins to Reopen

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on May 8, 2020

. Updated on March 23, 2022


drinking and working at the computerThere has been less traffic on Indiana roadways over the past several weeks amid the stay-at-home order. During that time, many have admitted to drinking during daytime hours and on the job to help them deal with various stresses brought on by the shutdown. What might this drinking trend mean while we are still mostly in shutdown mode and at home? How might it affect traffic statistics as we reopen and get back on the roads again?

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Surveys Reveal Increased Daytime Drinking Amid Pandemic

There have been several independent studies about the increased intake of alcohol during coronavirus restrictions. While it is common for people to drink more during periods of high stress, many of those interviewed said they have been enjoying a daily glass or more of alcohol during normal daytime work hours. What are some of the reasons some people have changed their drinking habits? Among the most common responses were people who said they are drinking more because they are:

  • Unemployed or have anxiety about whether they will keep their jobs
  • Drinking to help cope with stresses resulting from fears and uncertainties involving the virus
  • Dealing with addictive behaviors
  • Taking advantage of the reduced supervision while working from home
  • Depressed due to the lack of social interaction

Dr. Cameual Wright, a CareSource Indiana Medical Director interviewed by RTV6 in Indianapolis says that COVID-19 has essentially removed the stigma of drinking during daytime hours and while working from home. Meanwhile, beer sales in Indiana have increased by 25 to 35 percent or higher since the pandemic shutdown.

What Personal Injury Risks May Result From Pandemic Drinking?

Since alcohol removes inhibition, additional risks that could result from daytime drinking during the pandemic include:

  • People walking or riding bicycles while intoxicated who may wander into a road or lane of traffic and cause themselves or others to be injured in a motor vehicle crash.
  • People who may get behind the wheel of their vehicle while intoxicated and cause an accident involving another motor vehicle, pedestrian or bicyclist.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) says that not only does alcohol reduce immunity and affect an individual’s ability to fight off diseases, it also may increase the chances of becoming infected with the virus.
  • Increased instances of alcohol or substance abuse leading to more motorists who may drive while intoxicated or impaired.

Guidelines on Being Actively Involved in Road Safety As Indiana Reopens

Many Americans, excited to be out on the roads, get back to work or even just socialize again may be more distracted after being home for such a long time. At Pfeifer, Morgan & Stesiak, we encourage you to remain vigilant about road safety, especially in the immediate days, weeks and months of getting behind the wheel for the first time in weeks. Some important safety reminders include:

  • Pedestrians and bicyclists may have gotten used to less traffic, especially those who are younger. This means more people may wander into the road while exercising and may not pay as close attention to traffic around them.
  • Drivers, out on the road for the first time in weeks, may themselves be distracted, excited or even more impatient and prone to road rage.
  • As a pedestrian or cyclist, it is important to walk or cycle defensively and remember that you share responsibility for traffic safety.

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