Personal Injury And Industrial Accidents In Indiana

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on July 13, 2011


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Industrial accidents come in the form of slip and falls, puncture wounds, cuts, blunt injuries (strikes), burns and more. Indiana is the home of many steel, vehicle and food manufacturing plants that are often extremely dangerous environments.

According to the Indiana Department of Labor industrial accidents make up 23 percent of all the accidents in the state in 2009 when more than 21,000 people were injured.

There are a handful of causes for these injuries.

  • Slip and Fall. Unsafe work conditions lead to slip and fall injuries. This includes poor housekeeping and even negligence of the spills and other problems within the plant. Slip and fall injuries include the sprains and tears that dominate the injury list for industrial accidents. However, the slip and fall accidents can also lead to broken bones, head injuries and even burns if the victim falls into a chemical spill. If you were injured this type of accident, contact the South Bend premises liability lawyers today for a free consultation.
  • Fall. Falls result from employee carelessness, product defects and even negligence of maintenance in the plant. Falls can lead to death, multiple bruises, broken bones, tears and cuts.
  • Strike Injuries. Strike injuries are also caused by employee carelessness and negligence. It can also arise out of unsafe work conditions such as a tower of clutter that falls onto the employee.
  • Cuts and Punctures. Cuts and punctures are capable of occurring at any plant but are most prevalent in the positions where knives are used in assembly. Knife tools coupled with unsafe work environments equal a severe cut and possibly death or dismemberment.
  • Burns. Industries that have workers handling caustic chemicals also have high rates of burn injuries, as does the steel and food manufacturing industries that require high heat.

A personal injury attorney can help build a case for damages to cover the medical expenses and other losses that come after an accident. Another consideration is worker’s compensation. If you have a worker’s comp claim, you may be limited in recovering damages from your employer.

The best way to determine your options is to consult an South Bend personal injury attorney after the accident.

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