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Driving Hazards to Watch Out For During the Fall in Indiana

Posted On behalf of Pfeifer Morgan & Stesiak

on October 28, 2022


wet autumn road As the fall months roll in, so do seasonal Indiana road hazards. The weather cools down, bringing rain and fog. School is back in session, making foot traffic more common. Even the wildlife is more active. These hazards and more increase the risk of a collision.

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Below, we discuss what makes these common road hazards during the fall so dangerous.


Animals, like deer, are more active during the autumn months. They move out of wooded areas in search of food before the winter. This means they may occasionally cut across roadways. Vehicles and deer make for a potentially deadly combination.

Encounters with deer on the road are more common at dawn or dusk. Visibility during these times is not ideal. It makes it more difficult to spot an animal on the road.

Accidents involving wildlife can result in serious injuries. Although Indiana is an at-fault state, you may have some options when pursuing compensation.

If you have medical benefits in your policy, you may be able to file a first party claim to have your medical expenses covered. Remember this is an insurance policy add-on, so be sure to review your policy after the crash.

If you were hit by another driver who swerved to avoid a deer, you may be able to file a third-party claim with the liability insurance of the at-fault driver. If you can prove the other driver’s negligence resulted in your damages, you may be able to recover compensation for all your damages. This includes economic damages, such as medical costs, and non-economic damages, such as for pain and suffering.

School Traffic

As children head back to the classroom, pedestrian traffic and school buses are more common on the road. Increased foot traffic can create hazards for drivers and pedestrians. Especially if drivers are not mindful of school zone restrictions.

Drivers should also be careful of school buses. These vehicles make frequent stops for picking up and dropping off students. Inattentive drivers can easily run through a school bus stop sign, endangering the lives of the children getting on or off the bus.

If your child is injured due to the negligent actions of another driver, you may be able to recover compensation on his or her behalf. Even if the school bus driver is the one who caused the collision that injured your child.

Cool and Wet Weather

The weather in the fall is not just colder. It is also wet. The rain in the fall can make the roads slick. As the leaves fall, they can stick to your vehicle’s windshield and hinder your visibility.

The wet roads can make driving especially dangerous if a vehicle’s tire tread is poor. The cool weather does not help either, as it causes tires to deflate. Low tire pressure or tread makes it difficult for the tires to grip the pavement. When the road is slick, the chances of an accident drastically increase.

Vehicle owners are expected to maintain their vehicles in safe working conditions. This includes checking tire treads and maintaining recommended tire pressure. Drivers are also expected to take additional precautions when the roads are wet.

Anyone who fails to adhere to these precautions can be liable for damages if an accident occurs.

Low Visibility Conditions

As daylight savings time ends, darkness falls earlier than usual during the autumn months. This can make driving home from work more dangerous. People might still be adjusting to the time change, so they might not have their headlights on. Automatic streetlamps might not be programmed for the time change, so they may take longer to turn on. Low-light settings can increase the chance of a collision. Especially when drivers are distracted.

Fog may also affect visibility. Drivers often mistakenly turn on their high beams instead of fog lamps, too. This can hinder a driver’s visibility even more.

While driving through the fog, it is best to reduce your speed and remain focused on the road.

If you are injured by a driver who failed to take steps to avoid a crash, you may be able to recover compensation from his or her liability insurance.

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