The Complexity Of A Personal Injury Lawsuit

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on May 8, 2012


. Updated on May 6, 2022


When you’ve been injured, and it’s someone else’s fault, you may feel as if a tort case should simply involve sitting down with a judge and having him or her determine how much you are owed.

But in reality, a court case is a lengthy process which can involve a great deal of work, a lot of people, and mountains of evidence.

While this can be extremely frustrating when you’re trying to get the justice you deserve and are dealing with the effects of your injury, it’s important to bear in mind that the judge and jury weren’t there when the accident occurred, and can’t just take your word for it that it’s the defendant’s fault. (Similarly, they can’t take the defendant’s word for it that it’s not their fault.) You and your lawyer have to re-construct the events that led up to the accident, using evidence and witnesses and expert testimony.

Because you saw it happen, it’s easy to believe that it was simple, but it never is.

When you’re discussing the details of the case with your lawyer, be sure to think carefully through each step of the accident, taking careful note of the different factors and people involved. This will help your lawyer put together a list of potential evidence to gather and witnesses to contact, as well as determine how to present the case.

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