Why Track Medical Expenses in an Indiana Car Crash Claim

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on October 4, 2023

. Updated on November 8, 2023


After a car accident happens, some victims may sustain minor or severe injuries. Medical expenses can quickly pile up after a car crash. Victims can get overwhelmed with managing medical expenses and filing a claim while trying to heal from their injuries.

In this blog, Pfeifer Morgan & Stesiak discuss why car crash victims should track medical expenses and how it can help to strengthen and support their injury claim.

You don’t have to navigate the legal system on your own. Many components go into filing for a claim. Our skilled South Bend car accident attorneys are prepared to help you seek the compensation you need for your medical expenses and other losses. If you have a case and we represent you, there are no upfront costs or fees to pay.

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When Should I Start Tracking My Medical Expenses?

Tracking medical expenses should begin from the day of your accident. Being consistent from the get-go can help ensure you do not miss key expenses. It is easy for car crash victims to forget to track their medical expenses as they juggle doctor visits, work, and other tasks. When selecting an organization method, find an approach that makes tracking your medical expenses stress-free.

How To Track Medical Expenses

There are many ways victims can track their medical expenses. These are some of the most tried and true methods:

  • Scan and save digitally: You can scan medical invoices, pay stubs and other paperwork using your smartphone. Then you can either save the files to Dropbox, iCloud or other online storage. Alternatively, you can save them to an external drive or print them out to save into a physical folder.
  • Photograph documents: Take pictures of your documents using a smartphone. Save the images in the cloud, on your desktop or laptop or to an external drive. Be sure to organize them into folders and by date so they are easy to find.
  • Save hard copies in a folder: Place all your medical invoices, employee pay stubs and other important documents into a folder. Keep it neat and organized. Consider creating a category system to keep everything tidy if you have various document types.

What Type of Medical Expenses Should I Document?

Once you have found a lawyer to assist you in your car accident case, you will need documentation of your medical expenses. Here is a list of documents that you should keep for your potential case:

  • Police report if it includes injury statements.
  • Documents of medical transportation to the hospital (ambulance, private transportation)
  • Visits to the emergency room or doctor’s appointments.
  • Medical equipment and supplies to assist with your mobility (crutches, wheelchairs).
  • Home health assistance
  • Employee records, such as pay stubs proving lost wages from work due to injuries
  • Doctor visits to see dental or eye specialists related to car crash injuries.
  • Surgery
  • Over-the-counter and prescription medication
  • Medical examinations such as CAT scans, X-rays, or diagnostic testing
  • Mental health counseling
  • Changes to diet or any holistic health implementation
  • Co-payments

Keep in mind that you should also have documentation of any ongoing medical treatment your doctor recommends. Car crash victims who consistently and accurately track their medical expenses may have a better chance of receiving a fair claim. Consult your lawyer if you have any questions about tracking your medical expenses.

Does Tracking Your Medical Costs Help Your Claim?

In short, yes, it provides solid evidence that is hard for the insurance company to argue with. While it may seem tedious to maintain these records, this documentation helps victims recover full and fair compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages and more.

Tracking medical expenses could also help provide evidence for any out-of-pocket medical costs that were paid.

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