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Product Injury & Defective Products Information

FDA Creates Stricter Rules for Surgical Mesh Products

After years of complaints, the Food and Drug Administration is stepping up regulations for surgical mesh products used on women after childbirth. Also referred to as transvaginal mesh, the products will now be classified as high-risk by the FDA, requiring… Read More

Teen Death Marks 8th U.S Fatality Linked to Takata Airbag

Along with more than 100 injuries, another death because of a defective Takata airbag marks the 8th U.S. fatality and the 9th death worldwide, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This last victim was a teenager who… Read More

Feinberg Appointed Czar For VW Emissions Claims

Volkswagen recently announced it was hiring Kenneth Feinberg to handle claims from its diesel emissions scandal. Feinberg is a well-known attorney who has overseen victim compensation after 9/11, the British Petroleum (BP) oil spill and the recent General… Read More

Staying Safe While Staying Warm This Winter

The frigid temperatures and unpredictable weather systems that have been hitting the region this winter have been making it harder and harder to keep warm. There are many ways people try to keep warm, electric blankets being a popular one. However, electric… Read More

Determining If You Have A Product Injury Case

Often, accidents are by their nature complicated things. Almost by their very nature, a number of things have to go wrong for an accident to happen. Determining who and what is at fault for your injuries is something that is often difficult to determine,… Read More

What To Do After A Product Injury

The word “recall” is a dreaded one to everyone. It is associated with faulty, dangerous products that lead to injury, sickness, and even death. Contrary to belief, the recalls reported in the nightly news are not the only ones announced by the U.S. Food… Read More