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What Is Personal Injury Insurance?

Posted On behalf of Pfeifer Morgan & Stesiak

on July 8, 2011


Personal injury lawyers have little to do with insurance purchases, but they do coordinate with adjusters, investigators and insurance attorneys. However, the personal injury insurance that you are offered when insuring your car, or buying health insurance is not coming from your attorney.

What is Personal Injury Insurance?

Also known as PIP or personal injury protection, this insurance is designed to cover the additional costs of an accident, the things that victims are left to handle. These include the costs of funeral, additional medical bills, childcare, short-term disability, and more. The policy is offered by homeowners, auto and health insurance plans. They follow the same deductible and co-pay policies as the insurance it accompanies. When compared to other additions, the PIP is described as “middle of the road” in price.

Why Is It Offered to Me?

Personal injury attorneys know all too well the issues that accident victims face because of their injuries. These issues are often not covered by the insurance company’s settlement of the court’s judgment. The extended time away from work, and other associated costs can quickly become a hardship. This is where PIP can come in handy. Furthermore, many people already carry the policies, so no additional costs are necessary.

Do I Really Need It?

The choice is ultimately yours to make. However, you should check all of your insurance policies, as you may be carrying more than one PIP. Strip away the least advantageous policies to leave one that will save you money while providing the most protection. Doing so will also eliminate any confusion if you ever needed the policy, as only one of the policies will pay out when needed anyway. Again, the choice of carrying PIP insurance (or not) is yours. Any problems that you have in addition to those caused by the initial accident may be used to help recover more in damages from the defendants to cover the costs as well.

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