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Educational Topics & Resources

What Is Subrogation?

Not every auto accident case makes it to court. Your insurance company pays out on your claim before the other driver’s does oftentimes. When this happens, you must pay a deductible as well. The insurance company does not count this as a loss, however.… Read More

What Is Arbitration?

Read almost every contract that you sign these days and you will see the word “arbitration.” It is a legal way to solve problems between two feuding parties without involving the courts system if possible. The dispute isn’t barred from becoming a litigation… Read More

What Is Personal Injury Insurance?

Personal injury lawyers have little to do with insurance purchases, but they do coordinate with adjusters, investigators and insurance attorneys. However, the personal injury insurance that you are offered when insuring your car, or buying health insurance… Read More

Settlements: Where The Real Action Is

In popular novels, television shows and Hollywood movies, the drama of the legal system takes place in the courtroom, with new evidence coming to light at the last minute, and surprise judgments being handed down from the bench. However, the reality… Read More

Just Received A Class Action Notice? Here's What To Do Next

So, you’ve received a notice in the mail stating that you may be a affected by an upcoming class action lawsuit or could benefit from a settlement negotiation that is already in progress. What do you do? 1. Don’t just chuck the notice in the junk mail… Read More

What About Psychological Trauma after an Accident?

So, you've suffered an injury due to an accident that was someone else's fault. You think you may have a case to sue them for your medical expenses and property damage, but there's more to it than that. Even after you seem to have recovered from your… Read More

Small Claims Court?

Not every case results in a multi-million dollar jury trial. Most accidents always fatal or disabling, and don’t merit that kind of legal action. When the damage is mild and long term effects are not a factor, small claims court may be the best place… Read More